Show Description

Exhibitors are responsible for compliance with any DEFRA Health Regulations in force at time of the Show.
All Sheep must be provided with adequate shelter in the case of adverse weather, (Exhibitors to provide their own) - Any exhibitor who fails to do so may be charged
Exhibitors will be allocated wristband passes according to the animals entered. 1 to 3 sheep: 1 pass, 4+ sheep: 2 passes.
These must be worn at the gate for entry to the Showground. Those not wearing passes will be charged for entry.
All livestock exhibitors are requested to be present on the Showground before 8.30am.
Livestock may not leave the Showground until 3.30pm.
Straw will be available for all animals in the sheep section, please see a Steward.
Judging commences at 10:00am (unless otherwise stated)