Show Description

Dairy & Beef
Exhibitors are responsible for compliance with any DEFRA Health regulations in force at time of the Show. Exhibitors are responsible for compliance with DEFRA movement regulations in force.
TB Testing: The Show is located in a Low-Risk Area and is a Non-Exempt Show for the purpose of TB Movement requirements. Cattle entries can only be accepted from areas with low risk of TB (4-year testing herds), except with DEFRA approval following a pre-movement test. For more information, please see
Bull Rings: All male animals 1 year or older must have a ring
It would assist stewards if exhibitors could indicate number of animals to be stalled. Please state your PREFIX on the Entry Form in the space provided.
Livestock vehicle passes are valid for handlers travelling separately.
Exhibitors will be allocated wristband passes according to the animals entered. 1 or 2 animals: 2 passes, 3 or 4 animals: 3 passes, 5+ animals: 4 passes. These must be worn at the gate for entry to the Showground. Those not wearing passes will be charged for entry.
SUBSTITUTE ANIMALS may be allowed if notified with full details to the Secretary by no later than noon 8 6TH June 2024
All livestock exhibitors are requested to be present on the Showground before 8.30am.
Overnight Stalling is available.
Livestock may not leave until 3.30pm
Judging commences at 9:30am (unless otherwise stated
Straw will be provided for all animals