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1. Staging and Judging of Exhibits: All exhibits must be staged and the marquee cleared for judging by 8am on the day of the Show. This rule will be strictly enforced. Exhibits may only be staged between 3pm and 8.30pm on the day prior to the Show and between 6.15am and 8am on the morning of the Show unless special permission has been granted. The staging of exhibits will be at the exhibitor's own risk. The marquee will be open to the public by 11.15am or earlier if possible.

2. Number of Exhibits: No exhibitor will be allowed to enter more than one exhibit in a particular class.

3. Car Park passes for the Home & Garden entrance (Gate C) will be issued to Exhibitors who are unable to carry entries easily from the Public Car Park. If arriving or departing between the hours of 8am and 6pm then special passes will need to be obtained from the office. At no time is parking allowed for exhibitors behind the Marquee during showday.

4. Free Admission to Showground for any adult whose total entry fees are in excess of £7.00. Pre-Show – Over 65 Admission £20, Adult Admission £22.50, Children £7. IF EXHIBITORS ARE UNABLE TO STAGE THEIR EXHIBIT/S WOULD THEY PLEASE INFORM THE SHOW OFFICE. RECORDS WILL BE KEPT OF NON ATTENDANCE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

5. The marquee will be closed to the public at 5.05pm. Only exhibitors with "Collection Passes" will be allowed to remove exhibits from the marquee from 5.20pm onwards. Collection Passes will be issued to each exhibitor when they stage their exhibit on Wednesday 28th August or Thursday 29th August 2024. One "Collection Pass" will be issued to each exhibitor. Vehicles will not be allowed to move on the public showground until after 6pm.

6. A child's age must be appropriate on the day of the Show.

7. Entries to be made on the official Entry Form either on-line or by post. One form per entrant (additional forms are available from the Secretary) and should be sent with the appropriate entry fees (cheque payable to Bucks County Show) to the Secretary, Bucks County Show, No.5, Lilies, High Street, Weedon, Bucks, HP22 4NN (Tel: 01296 680400) by 13th August 2024.

8. Prize money will be handed out by the Chief Steward from 5.25pm. Please ensure that you collect any exhibits before you collect any prize money..

9. Exhibits that are not collected by 6.20pm on Thursday 29th August, will be disposed of by the Chief Steward.

The Farm Deli - Winslow have kindly contributed to the Home & Garden Section