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BSPS Scotland Training Day

Event Date
10th Apr 2022

Show Description

BSPS Scottish Branch will be holding a Training Day at Champfleurie Equestrian on Sunday 10th April with both Flat and Working Hunter Training.

Erik Mackechnie-Guire is a well renown judge, trainer and horseman.  He is currently a fellow of the BHS and coach to the GB Paralympic team.

Lisa Ogilvie is a well known training and runs the highly successful Champfleurie Equestrian.  

Lessons will be held in groups of 3.  Riders can have both flat & working hunter training or choose one option. When booking please ensure you include your experience level, the age of the rider and animal, the height of the pony/horse and what height you are looking to jump.  

This training day is open to both members and non members.  Bookings are non refundable and there will be no first aid present.

For further information please contact

BSPS Secretary- Ph: 07900101204 

Margaret Whiteford - Ph 01620 810327