BPS National Championships 2022 - Ringside Ring 1

Class Number Entries Started At
Open Ridden Part-Bred Arab 1
Open Ridden Part-Bred (excl. PB Arab) 2
Open Ridden First-Time Exhibitor 3 1
Open Ridden Home produced 4 1
Open Ridden Sport Horse or Pony 5
Open Ridden World Breeds including Part Bred 6
Open Ridden Young Horse or Pony 7
Ridden Novice Horse or Pony 8
Open Ridden Not exceeding 14.2h 9
Open Ridden Exceeding 14.2h 10 1
Open Ridden Veteran 11 2
Open Ridden Championship CH1
Ridden Style and Appearance Championship CH2
Overall Ridden Supreme CH10
Palomino Young Handler 16 years and under class 38
The Golden Trail In-hand Colour Championship CH7
Inhand Cream of the Crop Final CH8
Ridden Cream of the Crop CH9
Concours D’Elegance 39 1
Palomino Part-Bred Arab Youngstock 40
Palomino Inhand Part-Bred Arab 41
Part-Bred Arab Championship CH11
Palomino Inhand Not Exceeding 14.2hh 42
Palomino Inhand Exceeding 14.2hh 43 1
Palomino Inhand First-Time Exhibitor 44 1
Palomino Inhand Part Bred 45
Palomino Inhand World Breeds Pure Bred & Part Bred 46
Palomino Inhand Veteran 49 2
Inhand Palomino Championship CH12
The Palomino Medallion Inhand Colour Championship CH13
Best Turned Out Championship CH16
Pony Championship CH17
Horse Championship CH18
Female Championship CH19
Male Championship CH20
Price Family Supreme In Hand Horse or Pony of the Year Semi Final Qualifier CH21
The Best In Show Championship CH22