Event Date
26th Jul 2022

Show Description

Entry Fee per class: £15 except fancy dress which is Free
BYEH entry fee as per schedule
Prize Money , please refer to the online entry class further information.
ENTRIES CLOSE: July 15th midnight


Please Note:
Times for classes are an approximate guide only. Classes will not start before the time stated in the Schedule.
Ring 1
10am Cattle Classes
Ring 2
9am Hunter Breeding. Followed by Championships.
10.15am In Hand Irish Draught ,
11.30am Heavy Horse Young Handler. Followed by Shires & Clydesdales, judged at
Winners separate ends of the ring. Shire and Clydesdale Championships followed by
Supreme Heavy Horse Championship
1.30 Best Decorated Heavy Horse

At 2pm Rings 1 and Ring 2 will amalgamate to become the Main Ring
2pm Parade of Vintage Tractors
2.30 Mounted Fancy Dress
2.50 Heavy Horse in Working Plough Harness
3.10 Presentation of the Annual Agricultural Award followed by the judging of the
“Champion of Champions” and Grand Parade of Heavy Horse and Cattle Prize winners
3.50 Parade of Beagles
4.10 Heavy Horse Turnout Class

Ring 3A
9am Small Breed Mountain & Moorland In Hand, followed by Championship , Large breed classes will now be judged followed Large & Small Championship
12 noon Cleveland Bays, followed by Championship
1pm In Hand Coloureds , followed by Championship followed By Ridden Coloureds and championship
3pm Veteran Classes

Ring 4
9am Ridden Show Pony, followed by Championship.
11.00am Ridden Show Hunter Pony, followed by Championship
1.00pm Ridden Mountain and Moorland .

Ring 5
9am Ridden Hunters, followed by Championship
1.15pm Ridden Irish Draught
2.30pm Driving Classes

Ring 6
9am Working Hunter Pony, followed by Championship.
11.45am Working Hunter Classes.
2.45pm Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Pony, followed by Championship

Ring 7
9.00am Ridden Cobs followed by Championship.
10.30am Riding Horse
11.30 am Novice Retrained Racehorse Class.
1.30pm Open Retrained Racehorse Class.

Ring 8
8.30am Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse Classes
3.00pm Open Retrained Racehorse Class.

Under the Horse Passports Regulations (NI) 2010, which came in to operation on 31st March 2010, all horses, ponies and other equidae require a horse passport. From 1st July 2009 foals (and older animals not previously registered) now need to have a passport and microchip in accordance with the Regulations.