South West Pony Association Championship Show 2021 - Ringside Wentworth Ring 2

Class Number Entries Started At
M&M Small Breeds, Youngstock 600
M&M Small Breeds, Four and over 601
M&M Large Breeds, Youngstock 602
M&M Large Breeds, Four and over 603
Pony to make Lead Rein Type 604
Open Pony (exc M&M) Youngstock 605
Open Pony (exc M&M) Four and over 606
Open Horse/Hunter/Cob Type, Youngstock 607
Open Horse/Hunter/Cob Type, Four and over 608
Coloured, Youngstock 609
Coloured, Four and over 610
Filly / Mare, Any age 611
Colt / Stallion. Any age 612
Gelding, Any age 613
Potential Driving Type, Any age 614
World Breeds 615
Miniature Horse / Shetland. Any age 616
Moorland or Hill Bred Ponies. Any age 617
SWPA 'Show within a Show' In Hand Championship CH79
Lead Rein Show Pony / Show Hunter Pony 620
First Ridden Show Pony / Show Hunter Pony 621
M&M Leading Rein 622
M&M First Ridden 623
SWPA 'Show within a Show' Mini Ridden Championship CH81
Ridden Show Pony / Show Hunter Pony 625
Ridden Part Bred Mountain & Moorland 626
Ridden Pure, Part Bred or Anglo Arab 627
Ridden Riding Horse / Hack 628
Ridden Light/Middle/Heavyweight Hunter 629
Ridden Open Light/Heavyweight Cob 630
Ridden Traditional Cob 631
Ridden Coloured Pony 632
Ridden Coloured Horse 633
Ridden Competition Pony 634
Ridden Competition Horse 635
Ridden Pre-Veteran 636
Ridden Veteran 637
Ridden World Breeds 638
Ridden Moorland or Hill Bred Ponies 639
Ridden X Race Horse 640
Ridden M&M Small Breeds 641
Ridden M&M Large Breeds 642
SWPA 'Show within a Show' Ridden Championship CH80
SWPA 'Show within a Show' Supreme Championship CH82